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QBase 4.0 - Trade Show for Networked Production

Content Adjusted to the Needs of the Visitors


A trade fair represents the economy. Over the past 20 years, Switzerland has changed as an economic platform. At Swiss trade fairs, the international share of exhibitors, but above all of visitors, has fallen very sharply. Swiss trade fairs represent supply and demand for a national audience. Demand has become manageable and assessable.
At the same time, the behaviour of visitors has changed considerably. While the average length of visits 25 years ago was up to 11 hours, today it has fallen to 2 ½ hours. Why? The Internet has brought about the greatest change. 25 years ago, trade fairs were the only knowledge transfer platform (in addition to trade journals) that presented the state of the art annually or every two years, but today information is omnipresent. The potential buyer is showered with information on a daily basis and has to decide what or who he can believe. For this he needs a forum for personal contact. Today, trade fairs are a meeting place for networking and a place where appointments for targeted discussions can be made.
Today's trade fair must address this change. The visitor has little time and wants to be informed quickly and concisely. He does not make decisions en passant and has many different sources of information with which he can deal. He does not visit the fair to get a general overview, because he knows what he wants. The focus of the visitors is on the technology, the possibilities and the costs. Visitors expect to find a complete range of products at their trade fair.
To meet the needs of visitors, exhibitors must be present. In a well-assorted environment, the offers and their advantages must be recognizable. Too much information confuses and distracts. The USP must be in the foreground. The networking platform "trade fair" must no longer be a major financial investment. It is important, but ultimately a marketing campaign that must pay off.
QBase 4.0, trade fair for networked production, is the new format for the changed needs. With a fraction of the previous investments the exhibitor recalls himself to the visitor or introduces himself with his product or service. QBase 4.0 serves as a starting point for long-term partnerships. Appointments for personal talks with the customer or in the exhibitor's showroom are arranged here. (Technical) teasers on the exhibition stand announce the exhibitor's comprehensive range and arouse the visitor's curiosity. Practical forums on the subject of "Industry 4.0" get visitors in the mood for the exhibition and serve as a source of inspiration.

The QBase 4.0 Concept

A The trade fair concept meets the changing needs of exhibitors and visitors

B Minimum financial & personal effort for exhibitors before, during and after the event

C Representing the entire process chain gives the trade fair more practical relevance.

   In addition to the classic trade show topics, QBase 4.0 includes all solution elements

   for networked production

D Focus on technology and solutions, accompanied by industry-proven 4.0 forums

E Focus on "costs per contact". To reestablish the trade fair for exhibitors as a marketing instrument

   instead of an investment object. Farewell to "Big is beautiful"

Visitor Profile


Apparatus engineering

Consulting and Engineering

Drawing shops, cold rolling mills and steel forming

Electrical engineering and electronics

Manufacture of fabricated metal products

Mechanical engineering, general

Medical engineering

Metal trade surface finishing, hardening


Processing and machining of new materials

Steel and light metal construction

Supplier industry (automotive, ship, space & aviation)

Tool and mould construction, fixture construction

Watch industry, precision mechanics & optics


Exhibitor Profile (Excerpt from the detailled Trade Show Topics)

Machine tools such as machining centres, Sheet metal working & turning machines, Flexible production cells and systems, Bar and shaped steel machines, tool grinding machines

Tool technology such as drilling, turning, milling, Hand tools and accessories, Tool management, tool holder, indexable inserts

Measuring technology such as coordinate measuring machines, Measuring scales and gauges, Measuring and testing devices


Additive manufacturing such as 3D printers, Hybrid Processes

Automation such as automated assembly systems

Collaborating robots

Production technology such as manufacturing technology

IT such as Big Data Management, Internet of Things / Internet of Services

ERP systems such as production planning/control

Reasons to Participate

• Initiating / writing orders

• Welcome existing and new customers

• Arrange appointments with the customer

• Show industry competence

• Sending targeted messages

• Show competence in the topic

• Initiating cooperations and joint ventures

• Presenting solutions

•Training employees / industry overview

• Appointing new agents

• Presenting new developments / testing acceptance

• Positioning of your brand(s)

• Announce vacant positions

• Imparting knowledge within the Forum

Offer to Exhibitors
«Space only» for individual stand construction, for under CHF 200/m2, plus service package
Attractive Shell scheme stands with plenty of room for individuality in sizes 9 m2, 12 m2, 18 m2 or24 m2 (all inclusive)
Most expensive package version < CHF 15,000.-
Included in the price is the use of the Business Lounge incl. snacks and drinks as well as buffet lunch (number of catering passes depends on the package booked)
Advertising space in trade fair advertising campaign
Free tickets for your customers




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