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Markets and Target Groups

Structured Trade Shows in Existing and New Markets




Domestic Market Switzerland - Intelligent Concepts


The Swiss domestic market is an important and qualitatively high ranking one. The small and medium enterprises play a pivotal role for the Swiss economy. From Bakery to Machine Manufacturing and as far as IT Start-up SME form the overwhelming majority in the universe of Swiss companies and provide two thirds of all working places.They contribute substantially to entrepreunerial creativity, growth and national prosperty.


The advanced state of development has its downsides. Growth is not unlimited. Therefore, innovative market solutions are of paramount importance for the Swiss market. Matchmaker 365 delivers more marketing value for your money.

Global Markets - The Sky is the Limit


Internationalisation stands for "Compulsory and Free Routines" in manufacturing companies. It offers great opportunities as also risks.


We have gathered more than 35 years of experience in international markets and will guide you unerringly to new customer segments. We organise joint group stands where you will not only make new contacts in economy and politics, you will also experience live on the spot emerging markets and make your own assessment of the facts.




White Spots - The Supreme Discipline


Africa as a continent covers a surface of 30.3 million km² (22 % of the Earth’s total surface area) and has a population of more than 1 billion.


From 2013 up to 2015 we have been establishing an Exposyum for food processing and packaging in East Africa. Inter alia the key of success was the conference programme that we have tailor-made for the local target group. The FAO was secured as an important strategic partner.


Internationally renowned companies signed up as exhibitors and were positively impressed by the high level of interest at destination. All of the participants praised the cost-benefit ratio. We have convinced many international companies to test the markets that are (yet) off the beaten track. No doubt, our precise, efficient and obliging way of doing business has contributed to our customers' success stories. Please click the African Continent.


The event series is being continued by Messe Düsseldorf.