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Merger & Acquisition

Selling Business is a Matter of Trust




Selling a business may have various reasons. We distinguish essentially between two selling types:


Entrepreneur-led business models have either to cope with unsolved succession problems or the entrepreneur is eager to capitalize on his life's work for understandable reasons. This model is underlined by emotions that first need to be appraised and then served the right way. Heart and soul are often not only based on the future handling of the long-serving employees and how to reach the maximum sales price but also on finding the right buyer. Further on the process usually includes the divestment of the company as a whole and not just some parts of it. Besides reaching the best sales price tax implications require a thorough research in advance.


Management-led business models are an integral part of an overall business strategy. Objectives, goals and points of view are likely to be changed from time to time. In this case divesting specific sectors of the business are usually considered rather than selling the business as a whole, hence the sales price plays a pivotal role. Managers who are conscious of their social responsibility place great value on a secure future of the employees who will be affected by the divestment process. Thus it is imperative to define the Golden Section.


Both sales types have one thing in common: the need to find the right broker.

We offer 30 years of experience in Merger & Acquisition: we bought and sold as managers, entrepreneurs or brokers. We have gathered expert knowledge in all aspects of Merger & Acquisition: sale or purchase of a company as a whole, sale or purchase of partial businesses, Add-ons, Spin-offs and Swap of business.


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